Nestled against the stunning backdrop of Northern Ireland’s pristine coastline, Jayne and Alastair embarked on their unforgettable journey into wedded bliss, surrounded by the warmth of their closest loved ones at the bride’s family estate.

Jayne’s gown, an exquisite masterpiece, demands no introduction. Designed by the bride herself and meticulously brought to life by the exceptionally gifted Sofia Melendez, Jayne’s vision of a shell-themed celebration left an indelible mark on every facet of this remarkable day.

Their love story blossomed at a mutual friend’s wedding, a captivating event hosted at the elegant Drenagh House in Limavady. Alastair, the dashing groomsman, and Jayne, the spirited friend of the bride, found themselves amid a tapestry of familiar faces. Jayne’s connection to the event was through her friend Lucy, who at the time was residing in New Zealand. Alastair, one of the few eligible bachelors in attendance, remained incognito as Jayne reveled with her close-knit group affectionately known as the “barren bitches” (a playful and endearing moniker, indeed). It was only later in the evening, amidst laughter and camaraderie at the bar, that their paths serendipitously converged. The revelation that they lived a mere 20 minutes apart in London added a touch of destiny to their tale, even though the finer details of that magical night may have blurred over time. It was a dance that etched their love story in the stars.

Every detail of their wedding day was a testament to meticulous curation, from the elegant tipis by Magnakata that sheltered the celebration to the dashing suits, a harmonious fusion of Suit Supply and Moss Bros, which complemented the bridal elegance. The bridesmaids’ dresses by Rixo added an extra layer of grace and charm.

And let’s not forget Jayne’s breathtaking ensemble, boasting not one but three remarkable dresses. The journey began with the custom-made creation by Sofia Melendez, followed by the elegance of Solace London, courtesy of HURR, and the sophistication of Taller Marmo, sourced from Net-a-Porter.

Their union was sealed with charm by the charismatic celebrant E.J. Havlin, and the venue came alive with enchanting florals by Coleraine Florists. Lori Muldoon and Shrimps added the finishing touches to the bride’s impeccable accessories, while Lulabelle Beauty (Laura Kelly) worked her magic to ensure Jayne radiated with exquisite makeup. In parallel, Leona Mulgrew wove her hairdressing enchantment.

The melodious ambiance was set by Baile An Chaistil Comhaltas, and the Deja Vu Band had everyone on their feet, dancing to the rhythm of love. The culinary masterpiece by Darren McCloskey of Bakery M satiated sweet cravings, while custom-made rings from Bear Brooksbank symbolised their eternal bond.

This wedding holds a special place in my heart, as my connection with the Dooey family has deepened over the years. I’ve had the privilege of immortalising precious moments at other family weddings, and I’m profoundly grateful for their unwavering support and affection.

Jayne and Ali envisioned their wedding as a lavish celebration, not only of their love but also of their cherished family and closest friends. Their desire was to express their gratitude by orchestrating a day of pure delight.

Here’s to the Boltons, a heartfelt toast to your everlasting love story!

Here are the wedding vendors who contributed to Jayne and Alastair’s memorable day:

Tipis: Magnakata Suits: Suit Supply and Moss Bros Dress 1 (Bride): Custom-made by Sofia Melendez, designed by the bride herself Dress 2: Solace London (via HURR) Dress 3: Taller Marmo (Net-a-Porter) Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Rixo Celebrant: E.J. Havlin Florals: Coleraine Florists Accessories: Lori Muldoon, Shrimps Videography: Lough and Key Films Make-up: Lulabelle Beauty (Laura Kelly) Hair: Leona Mulgrew Music: Baile An Chaistil Comhaltas Band: Deja Vu Band Cake: Darren McCloskey, Bakery M Rings: Bear Brooksbank

These talented vendors collectively played a vital role in making the day truly special for Jayne and Alastair.