ryan & lucy's

Romantic escape to Rome

borgo di tragliata, rome

destination Wedding

18th july 2019

I hold this wedding particularly close to my heart. I coincidentally met Ryan at a wedding that he was the co-best man at. It was a pretty big wedding and I was only second-shooting at the time but I made a huge effort to make sure I was interacting with every guest.

The next year, I had an email *ping* into my inbox. I couldn't believe that this guy remembered me. I had a consultation as soon as I could then Ryan dropped the news "I should also tell you... the wedding is in Rome. Is that okay?"

"We both met in medical school in Liverpool where we remained good friends for 5 years with undisclosed romantic feelings for one another. Ryan left to begin working in Glasgow and we fell out of contact. On one random weekend when Ryan had arranged to visit Liverpool to see friends, he was informed that Lucy was now single and back in Liverpool after having completed a year of intercalation in London.

Whilst on a night out that weekend the stars aligned and we both bumped into each other in a club and jubilantly caught up over drinks. Fuelled by a healthy dose of Dutch courage at the end of the night, under the street-lamp light by ‘The Bombed out Church’ at the bottom of Hardman st. Ryan seized the opportunity presented to him and professed his long harboured romantic feelings for Lucy.

Fortunately she confessed that she too had felt the same way and we shared our first kiss by this iconic Liverpool landmark. We made trips to visit each other a couple of times that year before fate brought us together when Lucy was also assigned to Glasgow for the start of he work as a doctor.

Now reunited living in the same beautiful city we quickly fell in love and the rest, as they say, is history."